"Lacey was my 360 Guide and I could not have asked for more. She was able to establish a safe environment built on trust and the ability to be both open and vulnerable from the very start, which allowed us to have an honest discussion that led to the uncovering of invaluable insights and an action plan that I can execute on. Lacey, thank you for all that you have done in our interactions. It truly was a pleasure working with you!"

- Managing Director

"I was incredibly impressed with Lacey during my 360 process. The way she was able to translate my results and enable me to get down to the core of how to apply my feedback was super impactful. In just two sessions, she was able to get me to identify some deeply rooted areas of opportunity and provided some helpful suggestions of how to work on them."

- Principal Consultant

"You have been the stabilizing force that Global Leadership Development needed and I am SO thankful for your incredible ability to innately understand what's important, what's not and make quick yet well thought-out decisions. You have worked with the team for consensus when appropriate and have also made unilateral decisions when appropriate to create a team strategy and direction we are all completely bought into.

You are creating a team dynamic that is compassionate, productive, cutting edge, consistent and accountable. You don't shy away from difficult conversations and handle them head-on with grace and refreshing clarity."

- Program Manager, Talent Management

“Hi Lacey, watched your presentation on Impostor Syndrome this evening. It was very insightful and helpful. Thank you!”

- Data Science & Analytics Consultant

"The Fellow was able to get an awesome job at Juvo that she is extremely passionate about. She struggled with imposter syndrome and I had a hard time helping her. When I suggested talking to you, her eyes literally lit up and she said: "I love Lacey, that is a great idea!""

- Data Engineering Program Director

"Lacey has consistently been able to push Fellows towards being more collaborative and cohesive. Through her regular workshops, and one-on-one coaching, Lacey's coaching has a noticeable impact on the tendency of Fellows to help each other, which is a core part of Insight. Lacey's impact on the session can also be measured by the amount of thank you cards/gifts that she receives after each session from Fellows that feel that she played a huge role in getting them a job.”

- Machine Learning Engineer Program Director

"Diversity and inclusion workshop discussion was one of the most interesting and bonding meetings that I have attended during the insight program. After that, I had a long conversation about our personal values and discriminations with some of my fellow fellows. I think those meaningful conversation brought us closer together. "

- DevOps Engineer

"I've seen the tireless hours she's put in to generate and frame professional development content, work with fellows individually and collectively to calm their varying degrees of imposter syndrome, while also being a sounding board for fellows when they've been transgressed against. I wish there was someway we could copy Lacey and have about 5 of her. I know that's not possible, but I cannot finds the words that do justice to the impact she's had on all the fellows"

- DevOps Program Director

"“I really admire you, Lacey. I've learned a lot from you. Your confidence and excellent public speaking skills are very inspiring. As a woman I'm really proud of you for all your accomplishments and one day I'd like to be confident and assertive like you. Thanks for all your help. You're wonderful!”"

- Machine Learning Engineer

"The biggest testament to your impact is that when I got to my interviews, I just felt competent and ready. It was fitting that your advice helped me get past the final hurdle, and it was really meaningful to me to get to tell you the good news."

- Data Scientist, Pinterest

"Lacey, I really appreciate the confidence with which you guided us and managed enormous meetings and discussions. And the whole team and content have been wonderful."

- AI Engineer


I wanted to send a personal thank you for all you've done for me.

I came low in confidence and hope. You made me realize that my issues weren't my qualifications but with me the person.

I left there brimming with confidence and hope!! And I'm sure it came across during my interviews

I'm still shaking my head at the fact that so much change can happen in such a short time.

Again thank you!!”

- Data Scientist, Wayfair