You’re disillusioned with the traditional life and career path.
You have a tiny whisper in you saying that things can be different but you lack clarity on what different really looks like.
You want to achieve greater freedom, find work that is in alignment with your values, and overall live a more inspired, joyful, and authentic life.
Life can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s exactly what you make of it.
 I’m here to be your tour guide.
I’m Lacey Cope and it’s my passion to guide those who are burned out in discovering their own unorthodox path. After spending years frustrated with my wandering, I’ve learned to embrace the journey and I can help you find peace in it too.
I am an explorer + world traveler + status quo challenger + joy seeker + personal development junkie + inspirational leader + community builder + dream chaser + wannabe blogger + handcrafter
I will help you discover other possibilities and help strategize ways to have more control over your career and life trajectory.
If you’re ready to sketch your treasure map, sign up for a free consultation

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  1. May 25, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    1st of all – sorry for contact you on here…
    Hello Lacey… sorry for my last “short” reply, but I was so busy… but there’s no excuse… anyway, I was wisited your site few times, but my english is so bad, so I cannot figure the meanings of few stuff on there… So, I was wandering, can we work together somehow, can you help me, or me helping you for your/mine work… please, do not hesitate to mail me on my private e-mail (, for further chats, if you find anything interesting in this reply… Tx in advance, and good luck!

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